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When we can’t issue a refund because of PayPal or another reason, we may offer store credit with no expiration day. The amount is applied to a customer’s account. You can use it to make any future purchases.

Using Your Store Credit

As soon as we apply store credit to your account, it will automatically be applied to your next order. If you want to view available credits, check the “My Wallet” tab while logged into your BuyArmodafinil account.

How Does Store Credit Work?

If you want to use your store credit, make sure you are logged in to your account with your email or social media account (Facebook, Apple, Twitter, etc.).

If you can’t access your account and need to reset your password, we can send you a link to create a new one.

On your My Account Page, select the My Wallet tab to view your available store credit balance.

There’s No Expiration on Your Credit

Once you place your order, select your Wallet balance as your payment method on the Checkout page. The funds remain safely in your account and never expire. Simply use them when you need to make another purchase.

Store Credit FAQs

After we get your refund request, we apply full store credit, including shipping fees, to your account. An email will be sent to confirm the credit. When you place a new order, you can use the credit, and if the order is more than your credit, you pay the difference. Any remaining balance will be in your BuyArmodafinil Account. Please Note: You must be logged into your account to use your credit at checkout.

Yes! If, for example, your order total is $179, but your Wallet balance is only $159. We apply the credit and charge you for the difference.

Of course. If your order total is only $29, we will deduct it from your total Wallet balance of $159. Your remaining balance will be $130. Your Wallet amount balance will be displayed on the Checkout page and in your Account. At Checkout, complete your order using your Wallet balance at your payment method. Any remaining funds are safe and never expire.

Yes, you must register and create an Account to receive funds in your Wallet. You will have to log in each time to check or use the balance.

To see the available balance in your Wallet:

  1. Log in to your Account using your credentials.
  2. Click the Wallet tab.
  3. See your available balance.

To apply your wallet balance to future orders, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your BuyArmodafinil account.
  2. Add desired products to your Cart and Checkout.
  3. Select wallet from list of payment methods.
  4. Apply available balance to purchase and submit your order.

Absolutely! You can choose to use it or not. You have the option to use any payment method when you Checkout.

If you paid with your wallet balance and need assistance with a refund, withdrawal, or a non-delivery, get in contact with our friendly support team. We want all of our customers to enjoy our 100% satisfaction guarantee >

Store Credit With No Expiration Date!

Your store credit can be automatically applied to any balance at Checkout. If your order is more than your credit, we simply charge you for the remaining amount. If your order is less than your store credit, the remaining balance will be kept in your BuyArmodafinil account for your next purchase.

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