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Pay with Credit/Debit Cards, Bill Pay, PayPal & Bitcoin

Please read the following payment FAQs carefully before you contact our support team. The answer from our support agents will be based on this info below.

Why Big Pharma Doesn’t Like Our Methods

Any modafinil online pharmacy and its clients struggle to use traditional payment methods because PayPal, AmEx, and MasterCard all prohibit any online purchases of medications the require a prescription. These payment methods impose huge fines and fees for each sale made with a third-party processing gateway. They even block our bank accounts!

We Have the Solution

Despite all of the hurdles, we still accept credit cards and PayPal because many customers are more comfortable with them. However, we offer a 21% discount to customers who want to ditch their banks and harness the power of digital money, such as Bitcoin.

FAQ for Credit Card Purchases

Was your card declined? Did you fail to receive a confirmation number after placing an order with your credit card? If you answered yes to either question, please read through the following information before you contact a support agent. We assure you that our agents will give you the same response.

We require phone verification for any online purchases made with a credit/debit card. Our payment processing partner needs to speak with the cardholder in order to confirm any transaction via the phone. You may be asked to answer questions to make sure it is a real credit card transaction. You must mention the name of the merchant (BuyArmodafinil) and the order of your amount. It is important that you leave a valid phone number when placing your order so that we can make these verifications. Please note: some banks restrict overseas transactions in order to protect against fraud. If you want to avoid a declined purchase, contact your bank and ask them to allow an overseas transaction. From there, you can place your order.

What Is the Phone Verification Process?

Our phone verification method is not a sales call. Some purchases are queued for manual phone verification before they can be processed. A friendly representative will call to confirm that you placed the order. If we can’t verify the purchase within 5 business days, we decline the transaction. If you haven’t received your order confirmation email, you should expect a phone call.

Maintain Discretion

IMPORTANT: You can’t complete a phone verification by calling your bank. If you do call your bank clerk, do NOT mention our website or the purchase of any drugs or tablets. Credit card issuers will never approve a direct purchase of prescription drugs online. It will help to speed up the process if you simply tell the bank it is an online shopping purchase. Don’t mention a specific website.

Allow Foreign Credit Card Transactions

If you want to skip the phone verification process, you can get your purchase approved immediately if you have placed at least one confirmed order in the past 6 months. However, your bank may require you to authorize foreign transactions from Europe or China within 24 hours of your purchase. Note: The transaction will appear under a different merchant name on your credit card statement. It will not be a BuyArmodafinil.

What’s the Next Step?

What do you do after you contact your bank to approve the payment? What happens if your bank doesn’t see any payment attempts from us?

Bank Approved the Transaction

With approval, you can place a new order, attempt a different card, or choose a new payment method upon Checkout. We cancel any previous order under the same name to prevent a duplicate charge. If your account has been charged, but you didn’t receive a confirmation number, we have pre-authorized your payment but won’t take any money until we complete the phone verification. This allows your bank to hold the required funds before we confirm or decline the payment within 5 business days.

Were You Over-Charged? Hit With a Foreign Transaction Fee?

You will receive your confirmation email within 48 hours of completing the phone verification with bank approval for the foreign transaction. If you were charged more than your final amount, your bank charged an additional fee for the foreign transaction. All of our payments are processed overseas, so your bank may add a foreign transaction fee of 3-5% for each purchase. Neither our payment processing company nor our business receives this money.

You Didn’t Receive Any Payment Attempts from Us?

If your bank doesn’t see any payment attempts from us, it simply means that we have queued your transaction for phone verification. We ask that you contact Payofix, our payment processing gateway, so that you can make sure you are prepared to answer their verification attempts. A friendly verification agent will call to confirm that you made the recent transaction. If we can’t verify the purchase within 5 business days, your order will be cancelled. If the problem is unresolved, contact our support >

Top 3 Reasons Your Credit Card Was Declined

You Need to Call Your Bank to Authorize Foreign Transactions

Your bank may require you to call to authorize the purchase. If no payment attempts are visible on your account, you should reach out to Payofix so that you are prepared for their phone verification process.

Suspected Fraud or Failure to Automatically Verify

If we could not screen you with our risk analysis using the data you provided, we may decline your transaction. Cards can also be declined if your record with us doesn’t allow it. This could occur if you made a chargeback by mistake.

You Exceeded the Maximum Number of Transactions for the Day

You cannot have more than three transactions declined by our payment processing gateway in 24 hours. We suggest that you used a different card until you find one that works, or you can use a different payment method, e.g., e-Check, Zelle, FastDebit, Poli, and ACH.

More than likely, you need to call your bank because they may suspect the foreign transaction is a fraud. When you request a teller to authorize the purchase, DO NOT mention our website or any drugs/medication tablets. Simply tell them that it is a transaction for online shopping without mentioning a website.

  1. Dial the customer support number listed on the back of your card.
  2. Give the date and amount of the declined transaction to a bank representative and tell them that your payment was declined when attempting to make an online purchase. Do NOT mention any medications or online pharmacy.
  3. Your representative can tell you the reason for the decline and assist you with the issue.
  4. Once the problem is resolved, attempt the payment again.
  • Once you contact the bank to approve the purchase, you can try to place a new order, use a different credit card, or select a different payment method. We will not double charge you because any previously queued orders placed under the same name are canceled to avoid this issue.
  • If your bank doesn’t see any transaction attempts from us, reach out to Payofix, our payment processing gateway. Be prepared to respond to their phone verification attempts, so they can process your order.

You can attempt to place a new order. There’s no need to worry about a double charge because any previous orders under the same name will be canceled. If you’ve been charged but haven’t received your confirmation, your payment is likely pre-authorized, but no money will be taken until we can verify your transaction over the phone. Your bank may simply hold the required funds until the payment is confirmed or declined. This usually occurs within 5 business days. To confirm your transaction, a friendly agent from our payment processor will call. If they can’t verify the purchase over the phone within 5 days, we cancel your order. If you continue to have this problem, contact our customer service representatives.

If you have called your bank, and they can’t find any transactions from our side, reach out to our payment processing gateway — Payofix. When you do, be ready to respond to any phone verification questions.

Payofix is the partner who processes our payments, so they will need to contact the cardholder to confirm that the transaction wasn’t a fraudulent purchase. This is done over the phone by asking you a few details. Be prepared to tell them the order amount and the name of the merchant (BuyArmodafinil).

If your card appears to have two charges and you didn’t receive a confirmation email, your bank may have pre-authorized the money to hold it until your purchase is confirmed or declined by phone.

Within the following 5 business days, the relevant card issuer will confirm your card and address details with a security check before pre-authorizing your payment. When the payment is successful, we send an order confirmation email. Otherwise, we may have to call you to verify your transaction.

If your payment is unsuccessful, your bank will release the funds and refund them to your account within 5 days. Note: The pre-authorized charge won’t appear on your credit card statement.

If you still think your card was mistakenly charged twice, contact a support representative >

  • Your payment was not confirmed. There is no need to cancel the order because we only process after full payment confirmation. If your payment method was declined, you can place a new order, and we will take care of canceling any previous orders.
  • Your payment was confirmed. We allow cancellations up two 2 hours after purchase. After this time, your order will already be packed and dispatched. To promptly cancel, communicate directly with our customer service representatives and provide your order number. You will be asked the reason for canceling your purchase. This is only to evaluate our service. IMPORTANT: If your order status is Completed, we can’t intercept the package or change the shipping address.

We never suggest a chargeback through your bank. We have an excellent refund policy in place to assure you are always satisfied with your product or your money back.

NOTE: Under U.S.C. Title 18 Section 1029, It is considered fraudulent to request a chargeback through your credit card company/bank without contacting our company and following our refund procedures first.

It is crucial that we try to prevent chargebacks because our bank may choose to lock our merchant account. As a result, we won’t be able to accept credit card payments from our customers anymore. More importantly for you, a chargeback leads a customer to be permanently banned from our community — even if it was a mistake! Please, if you are unsatisfied, contact our customer support. They are happy to assist!

Keep in mind, your purchase with us won’t appear under BuyArmodafinil. It will be under a different merchant name, so don’t accidentally request a chargeback.

Yes! Your privacy and security are important to us, so our website has high-grade 128-bit encryption with an SSL certificate. Plus, we never store any of your credit card information.

Refunds can take anywhere from 2 to 30 days to be credited to your account. However, they usually show up between 4 and 7 days.

Yes, if it accepts international charges, we can take any prepaid credit cards or gift cards (Walmart, Amazon, etc.).

At this time, we are unable to accept Western Union.

Unfortunately, credit card issuers prohibit customers from making direct purchases of prescription drugs online. Our solution works, but it requires you to call your bank for foreign transaction approval. You also must verify your purchase over the phone.

We Accept PayPal Payments. Helpful FAQs.

We cannot issue any refunds through PayPal because of the method we use to accept payments. While refunds are technically possible, it will cause PayPal to permanently lock your account since they have a zero-tolerance policy for transactions with online pharmacies. As a result, we are only able to provide store credit that can be applied to future orders.

You Didn’t Get a Confirmation Email?

If you paid with PayPal and never received an order confirmation, contact our support and be ready to type your transaction ID. Screenshots won’t work.

Why Am I Charged an Additional Fee?

Since PayPal doesn’t accept direct payments from online pharmacies, we must pay enormous fees to third-party merchant service. This means, coupon codes are invalid, and you must pay an additional $19 per transaction. To avoid these middlemen, we recommend paying with bitcoin, which will actually SAVE you 21% off your order.

You Were Charged Twice?

DO NOT send multiple payments for the same purchase because we can’t issue a refund with PayPal transactions. While refunds are possible, any refund from our company leads to a permanent lock on your account because PayPal has a zero-tolerance policy for online pharmacies. Request store credit >

Still Confused by Bitcoin?

We love bitcoin, and we’re sure you will too because it cuts out the middleman. That means big savings for YOU! To learn more, we have a short video tutorial.
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